Do you take any kind of pet food?

Yes, we accept any brand, variety, type of pet food, from generic pet food sold in discount stores to specialty pet food sold only through veterinarians. We aren’t picky.

Do you take food for pets besides dogs and cats?

Yes, we do accept food for other pets. Our greatest demand is for dog and cat food, but sometimes our distribution partners do have requests for fish, bird, reptile, rodent, and other pet foods.

What do you need more — cat food or dog food?

We receive twice the dog food that we do cat food, but demand is almost identical. When in doubt, please bring cat food.

Do you take cat litter?

We do accept cat litter. It is not our top priority, but we do get requests for cat litter on occasion.

Do you take expired pet food?

Weaccept pet food which has expired six months or less. If you wouldn’t feed it to your pet, please think twice about donating it.

Do you take dented cans?

Cans that are dented near the top or bottom seams or that have obviously been punctured are not accepted. This is for the health and safety of the pets of our clients.

Do you take open bags?

Because of concerns for the health and safety of the pets of our clients, we do not use opened bags of pet food from private homes. We are able to accept bags from manufacturers or retailers that have been cut, torn, or otherwise opened but have no been out of the possession of the manufacturer or retailer. Any donations of bags opened at the consumer level will be discarded.

Do you take other pet items like toys, leashes, beds, bowls, sweaters, etc?

We have limited space for pet supplies other than food, but we do accept these types of donations.

What else do you need?

We need gallon-size, zipper-style plastic bags, like Ziploc bags. Any brand, does not have to be Ziploc. We use these for breaking down large bags of dry food into manageable sizes. We go through a LOT of them!

Are you part of another organization?

While we work with other organizations to distribute pet food, Don’t Forget to Feed Me Pet Food Bank, Inc. is a stand-alone agency with our own board of directors, staff, funding, and 501(c)(3). We currently rent office and warehouse space in the Community Food Bank building.

Is my donation tax deductible?

Yes, Don’t Forget to Feed Me is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization as recognized by the IRS. Your donation is fully tax-deductible.

If you make a monetary donation (and supply your name and mailing address), we will send you a donation receipt via mail.

If you donate pet food, this is considered an in-kind donation. We can issue a receipt if you supply us with your name and mailing address. We will need to know the approximate number of pounds donated. Legally, we cannot assign a dollar value to goods donated in-kind. Please retain your purchase receipt for pet food donated which you plan to deduct from your taxes.