Event: Hot & Hungry 2020



Beginning July 1st, Don’t Forget to Feed Me Pet Food Bank, Inc. will kick off its annual “Hot & Hungry” campaign to combat the increase in demand for pet food resulting from the increased strain on household budgets during the summer and the current COVID-19 crisis.

“Hot & Hungry” runs July 1 to 31. The goal for this drive is to raise $15,000 to support our mission. Although the focus of this drive is monetary, Don’t Forget to Feed Me always accepts pet food donations at over 70 donation locations across North Texas. To learn more about the sites, click here.

The summer months are the most difficult for many families in the Metroplex. They experience increases in utilities and children out of school can have a challenging effect on household budgets. We often see desperate families making permanent decisions based on temporary circumstances; consequently, shelters and rescues fill up and municipal resources become strained. The unprecedented COVID-19 crisis adds to the diminishing resources during this time causing many families to turn to food banks when they never have before. Through generous donations from the community, we hope to help these pet owners keep their beloved companions and reduce the number of pets surrendered or abandoned.

A donation of just $25 can provide 160 meals for hungry pets. Most importantly, if we work together, we can make a huge impact on the number of animals surrendered to shelters or abandoned to the streets by simply helping pet owners feed their animals and keep them at home.

Ways to Participate
Don’t Forget to Feed Me is excited to offer two ways to support “Hot & Hungry” this year. Donors may opt to text “HH15” to 41444 to give through their smartphones.

For donors who want to give in more traditional ways, gifts may be made via credit card, ApplePay, or PayPal below or by mail to: Don’t Forget to Feed Me, PO Box 471277, Fort Worth, TX 76147.